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Where You Left Off is an interdisciplinary exhibition uniting makers from Mexico City and the United States. Conversational and collaborative, this project spotlights the making process first, the final artwork coming at the end.

In collaboration with Tiger Strikes’s Asteroid artist network, we have asked a number of artists based in Mexico City and in the United States to think of present times, as Covid19 has shown us the fragility of our bodies and society at large, while enhancing the need for connectivity, both virtually and physically. Working in pairs, the participant artists will open up the virtual doors to their making process to the public. 

This blog will document each step of this process, each entry picking up on where they Left things Off.

Join Where You Left Off following artists from both ends, and see, step after step, how their works develop throughout conversations and exchanges, how their ideas are shaped by conversations and potential collaborations.

We do not know what the artworks will look like, that is up to the artists to decide. As curators, our job is to show you this creative process, and you shall see the end works physically exhibited at the end of this journey, we will let you know where in the world this will take place when the time comes. We hope it will open up your mind to the endless potential of Contemporary Art as it opened ours.

Yours sincerely,

Tally de Orellana & David Ayala-Alfonso 

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Chantal and Emilio were first brought together under the suspicion (from the curators) that their shared interest in the notions of border, displacement, and building affective systems across distances, would create a natural connection between the two artists and the practice of one another. These topics demand great intellectual intensity and personal investment, and as…


Rachel de Cuba is an interdisciplinary artist whose work looks at structures’ interwoven role in politics and citizenship in the Americas. María Naidich’s practice addresses a variety of topics that often deal with archeology of the mundane, concepts of nature and material ecologies and classifications. A common ground that surfaced in their conversations was migration…


What is intimacy? Cydney and Aura came together in Chicago last year and opened up to this vulnerable topic, sharing spaces and ways in which we understand this notion, and furthermore, how do we discover or acknowledge forms of intimacy in our daily life. WYLO’s exchange format is, in many ways, a call to create…

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