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CHAPTER V: Mariana & Alex

Mariana Sanchez Hoyos and Alex Paik play with the modular, creating movement and expanding a visual language that is unapologetically their own. While their work is visually different, the simplicity of their shapes and playful modularity – one allowing endless possibilities – pushed us to introduce them to each other so as to invite them to collaborate.

And collaborate they did! They have opened up their Instagram inboxes to us and showed us how they have been adapting each others color palettes, how they have played with each other’s materials, to create works that – in addition to showing this fusion – is playfully unique.

After various unfortunate attempts to ship ceramics from Mexico to LA, Alex took on Mariana’s color palette to inform his work, and Mariana took Alex’s paper shapes to embed them with her own sense movement. Sneak int their DMs here below to look closer at what they did.