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CHAPTER IV: Alisa & María

María is a visual artist. She is also a bruja (a witch). In her practice, she often gives spells to her friends and collaborators, and builds a performance around their responses.

Alisa, whose approach to art is one that brings forth the power of play, gave one word to María. Only one: fire. And María sent a spell to her departing from this word. They engaged in a bilingual correspondence that has by now its own narrative identity. Together, they shared stories, sayings, traditions and thought ranging from the playful to the dramatic, from the professional to the personal. Conversations that although intimate, one feels connected to. In one of these emails, they even invented a challenge: the match challenge. Have you ever tried to light a match; as in open the box, extract the match AND lighten it, all with only one hand? We dare you trying.

We are thrilled to share Part I of these ongoing conversations and, in a way, become a voyeur in the correspondence between these two unclassifiable minds. Scroll down, conversations have been translated and each version is below the original