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CHAPTER 3: Aura & Cydney


We reached out to 10 artists in Mexico, and 10 artists across the US. We’ve paired them, virtually introduced them to each other, and invited them to exchange ideas and insights about their art practices. The product of this exchange will be show in an exhibition in Philadelphia this Spring. Meanwhile, we are showing you the behind the scenes, so that you too, you can see how exchanges take place and instigate new ideas.

Chapter 3: Aura & Cydney

Shortly after me introduced Aura Arreola and Cydney Lewis to each other via email, they met in person, as per pure chance Aura was traveling to Chicago. In this video, they shared with us how this encounter went. This conversation – which as you will see we’ve decided to publish un-edited- flowed around the theme of intimacy.

You may wonder how the idea of intimacy may come up in an exchange that is taking place remotely and at hundreds of miles of distance. In this conversation, Aura and Cydney provided some of the most beautiful and genuine of answers, and they will be exploring this theme, alongside others, in the development of their work. Join us following how they explore this aspect and where they leave things off.